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Celebrate the Arts 2015
Celebrate the Arts 2015

Ms. Patch is very proud of the students of Old Shell Road for a job well done at the 2015 Spring Show.

Thank you parents, students, teachers, and administrators for contributing to such success!


As the school year comes to an end Ms. Patch would like to recognize the following students for their fantastic performance in Honor Dance 2015, Celebrate the Arts 2015, and Honor Choir 2015:


Honor Dance 2015:

"Career Day"

Natan Anaya, Shayne Botter, Evan Callaghan, Erianna Collins, Jonah Dear, Joi Dempsey, Nicholas French, Arik Green, Jordan Hobbs, Kamoria Jackson, Melody Kent, Cara Lanier, Carley Lewis, Jaicee Massey, Sha’Naya Mixon, Clarence Pearson, Molly Pitts, Krislyn Presley, Madisyn Randolph, Tatiana Randoslovich, Kaleb Shaw, Daryl Smith, Sage Splitt, Caliyah Stovall, Rodney Turner, Morgan Vrocher, Max Wagner, Kaitlin Whigham, Aaron Williams

 "Diamon in the Rough"

Jenna Au, Zeniah Collins, Jonah Dear, Brianna Ellison, Nicholas French, Madalyn Gentry, Destiny Golston, Arik Green, Cheyenne Gray, Tiana Joshi, Melody Kent, Cara Lanier, Jazmin Marzulo, Moregon Mason, Kyra Owens, Tatiana Radoslovich, Amber Reid, Eryn Robinson, Caleb Shaw, Daryl Smith, Elijah Splitt, Sage Splitt, Jazmin Marzulo, Aneliese Waldrop, Iciss Wagner, Max Wagner, Zoe Williams


Celebrate the Arts 2015:

"All is Welcome"

Simon Allen, Catherine Chung, Jonah Dear, Maycie Drews, Cadyn Eades, Cheyenne Gray, Joseph Harmon, James Holbrook, Hannah Jones, Peyton Jones, John Kent, Melody Kent, Noland Lee, Gabby Martin, Jordyn Milhouse, Jadyn Ongue, Roslyn Powell, Mary Kaylen Whitten, Taylor Wallace, Taylor Williams


Honor Choir 2015 Dancers:


Catherine Chung, Destiny Golston, Arik Green, Hannah Jones, Nolan Lee, Cole Smith, Iciss Wagner


















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